Top 10 most unusual and bizarre schools in the world
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School is fairly streamlined these days, especially the schools that are government-owned. Teachers are expected to follow a curriculum dictated by a large group of representatives and experts, and then that curriculum is implemented and mandated all over the country. One of the biggest controversies was changing the math teaching procedure from basic counting to using Common Core, much to the dismay of parents and conspiracy theorists who are convinced that the government is trying to brainwash their people. But just as we’re all different people, and more often than not, the streamlined curriculum won’t work for everyone.
On that same note, occasionally there are specialized things that we want to learn about, like how to become a witch or a wizard, or maybe even learn something about elves. There are experts in all sorts of areas all over the world, and there are many that have decided to share their knowledge with the world and open their own school. In special cases, these specialty schools have been able to get their accreditation and join the ranks of regular government-run schools.
Here is a list of ten schools that you won’t believe exist. From schools teaching the art of prostitution to schools that will let students pick whatever they want to do with their education, there is truly a place for everyone not matter what their learning style is. And maybe when this video is done, you can find your dream school and get that application in as soon as possible!

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