Day: June 2, 2017

Dr. Madhav Chavan: Technology Alone Won’t Reform Education

Dr. Madhav Chavan describes how technological innovations are inherently non-linear, and therefor don’t easily transpose to the linear world of education. Read more at Follow Big Think here: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Transcript: Going to technology is something that’s inevitable. People will go to technology because technology is spreading far and wide it does offer some advantages. But to think that technology alone will solve problems is not quite right. I think there are a few fundamental issues here. Let’s assume that you can get a hundred percent connectivity to Internet and all that. Let’s...

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Who Won the Space Race? – Jeff Steers

View full lesson: On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the satellite Sputnik and, with it, an international space race. The United States and the Soviet Union rushed to declare dominance of space for 18 years, until the two countries agreed to a more collaborative model. The real winner? Science. Jeff Steers describes the history — and the benefits — of the space race. Lesson by Jeff Steers, animation by The Moving Company Animation...

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The IDEA’s Special Education Categories: Intellectual Disability is a FREE video-based website that helps you understand your special education rights. If you have a child in special education and want to advocate for your child, we are here to empower you. Join us TODAY! Know your rights! Membership is FREE! Accommodations ADHD Advocacy Applied Behavior Analysis ABA Aspergers Assessments Assistive Technology Behavior Disability Due Process Dyslexia Educational Strategies FAPE Functional Behavioral Assessment IDEA IEE IEP Goals and Objectives IEP Team Inclusion Independent Educational Evaluation Learning Disability Least Restrictive Environment LRE Mental Health Occupational Therapy Parental Rights Present Levels of Performance Prior Written Notice Procedural Safeguards...

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