Day: June 3, 2017

edX: The Future of Online Education

EdX is a not-for-profit enterprise of its founding partners Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that features learning designed specifically for interactive study via the web. To learn more about edX or to sign up for a course, visit us at...

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Women in Science

Despite the hurdles, women should just go for it, says Heidi Hammel. Pardis Sabeti: I enjoy being a woman in science. In different fields– My field is one where I’m often working with mostly men but there are more and more women coming in to science and I think that there is a lot of issues around it. I’m actually involved– I’m on the National Academy of Sciences Committee for Women in Science and Engineering and Medicine and we spend a lot of time thinking about well, where are the issues? And I think that there is very important...

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Best Motivational Video for Students – Don’t Count the Cost

Join me on for daily motivation Visit our website – ——————————————————————- 52 Inspirational Quotes That Can Change Your Life – —————————————————————— If you like my videos feel free to send donations to my channel: ——————————————————————- Speakers: Eric Thomas – —————————————————————- Music: (00:57) Two Steps From Hell – Blackheart ————————————————————– Special thanks to Kevin Tylecote – He had done the 2nd part of the video. I just added few speeches and made it a bit longer. Check out his website about weight gaining at – Get into your best shape by this year’s summer: ———————————————————...

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