Day: November 1, 2017

What’s an Algorithm? – David J. Malan

View full lesson: An algorithm is a mathematical method of solving problems both big and small. Though computers run algorithms constantly, humans can also solve problems with algorithms. David J. Malan explains how algorithms can be used in seemingly simple situations and also complex ones. Lesson by David J. Malan, animation by enjoyanimation. Video Rating: /...

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‘Be Unique.Be Remembered’ – APJ Abdul Kalam Inspirational Speech Video

REMEMBERING DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM from Eternal Explorer “What is the one action which will make you Great..? What will you be remembered for ?” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Inspirational Speech. A Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Subscribe : Facebook : Twitter : SPEAKER Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam MUSIC “Archangel” Sentinel – CMX “Unashamed” Exclusive – CMX Confidential Music: “Parallel” by Ross Budgen –… ———————————————————— DISCLAIMER : All copyrights are acknowledged to the respective copyright owners. * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance...

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Inclusion Is a Right, Not a Privilege.

Hi my name is Lauri Hunt and I’m the parent of 3 school age children in their neighborhood schools in Hillsborough County. I have had the good fortune to learn from some of our country’s leading disability rights advocates; from Ari Ne’eman founder of ASAN and Presidential appointee to the National Council on Disability;Cheryl Jorgensen, a leading National consultant on Inclusive education; Ven Sequenzia; part of the SWIFT grant a 24.5 million dollar grant from the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs, and USF is also part of that . I met most of these people...

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Why Shakespeare Loved Iambic Pentameter – David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor

View full lesson: Shakespeare sometimes gets a bad rap in high schools for his complex plots and antiquated language. But a quick peek into the rhythm of his words reveals a poet deeply rooted in the way people spoke in his time — and still speak today. Why do Shakespeare’s words have such staying power? David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor uncover the power of iambic pentameter. Lesson by David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor, animation by Brad Purnell. Video Rating: / 5...

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How Sirena Technologies Aims to Make Education More Accessible With Robots

Sirena Technologies functions at the intersection of robotics and IOT. Their two main products are a humanoid bot, Nino and Choral, a Smart LED Wi-Fi Speaker. Please do like and Share it. Like us – Follow us – Check out – Recorded February 27, 2017 Video Rating: /...

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