Day: November 6, 2017

6 Brain-Based Learning Strategies #Paperslide | Dr. Lodge McCammon Everyone watching this has a brain and all of our brains function in similar ways when it comes to learning. The following is a formula that any instructor can use every day to enhance the learning experience for their students….and this formula provides the research foundation for what I call the McCammon method of teaching. So, here are 6 practical brain-based strategies that any teacher can use tomorrow to increase retention of information while giving all learners a chance to improve their communication and collaboration skills. Brain research suggests that students should… Receive information in short segments This...

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It’s Up to You to Change Your Destiny

Columbia Professor, Robert Thurman explains some of the teachings of Buddha. Question: From where do you draw your inspiration? Robert Thurman: But where I do draw my inspiration is from whatever I can glean about the nature of the world, you know, Buddha was a person who, confronted reality actually, according to our understanding of what Buddha was, he was not a prophet who was commissioned by a God to go out and proclaim that everybody should believe in that God so that they’d then — because that God could then save them.  Buddha talked to the God and...

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