3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial - Open Educational Resources

This entry in the 3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial series focused on what Open Educational Resources (OER) are, and how to go about searching them out. Check out the complete 3 Minute Teaching With Technology series! EmergingEdTech.com.


OER - Open Educational Resources Overview | Educational Technology | E-Learning Development

http://newwayindia.in/ | India’s Best Education Channels Network. Open Educational Resources Overview. Learn about OER in the following concepts:
– What is OER?
– What OER Includes?
– Learning Content
– Tools
– Implementation Resources
– Why OER?
– Advantages of OER.
– Disadvantages of OER.
– Different Types of OER. (Subject Specific OER & Multidisciplinary OER)
– Identify OER.
– OER in India Development.

Following questions can be answered:
– What Are Open Educational Resources (OER)?
– Educational Technology | E-Learning Development.
– The OERs – Open Educational Resources.
– How-to Turn a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER)
– Find Out What Open Educational Resources (OER) Have to Offer
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