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The Benefits of Good Posture – Murat Dalkilinç

View full lesson: Has anyone ever told you, “Stand up straight!” or scolded you for slouching at a family dinner? Comments like that might be annoying—but they’re not wrong. Your posture is the foundation for every movement your body makes and can determine how well your body adapts to the stresses on it. Murat Dalkilinç gives the pros of good posture. Lesson by Murat Dalkilinç, animation by Nadav Arbel. Video Rating: / 5...

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Motivational video that will help you to reach success and get amazing grades in school. This will motivate you to study harder and achieve your dream job. Video Rating: / 5 The Powerful Message About A Mother’s Love Watch Marc’s Life-Changing Story at – Available on DVD for the first time ever. Video Rating: /...

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Jeanne L. Reid on Why Classroom Diversity Matters in Early Education A new report by researchers at TC’s National Center for Children and Families describes troubling racial, ethnic and economic disparities in American preschools and calls on national early childhood organizations to take a stance on reducing segregation in preschool classrooms. The report, A Better Start: Why Classroom Diversity Matters in Early Education, made public on April 29 at a Capitol Hill briefing in Washington, D.C., found that preschool classrooms are largely separate and often unequal. The report was done for The Century Foundation and the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, which released it at a Congressional briefing...

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How I Teach Kids to Love Science | Cesar Harada | TED Talks

At the Harbour School in Hong Kong, Cesar Harada teaches citizen science and invention to the next generation of environmentalists. He’s moved his classroom into an industrial mega-space where imaginative kids work with wood, metal, chemistry, biology, optics and, occasionally, power tools to create solutions to the threats facing the world’s oceans. There, he instills a universal lesson that his own parents taught him at a young age: “You can make a mess, but you have to clean up after yourself.” TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the...

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