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Industrial Networks Education Certification Classes The Industrial Networks Education program provides the fundamental skills in the planning, implementation and securing of industrial networks. The three fields of study are Switching & Routing, Wireless LAN and Security in Industrial Networks. Class attendees discuss their own experience during the course. The need for Early Childhood Care and Education Course (ECCE) was recognized by the National Policy on Education (1986), which was revised in 1992. It is realized that Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) is a strong base for primary education. It is also an important input in the strategies of human resource development, as a...

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Resources for Educators

A compilation of tools for educators looking to integrate technology into the classroom.Visit The Digital Frontline for more ideas about education in the 21st Century Video Rating: /...

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3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial – Open Educational Resources

This entry in the 3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial series focused on what Open Educational Resources (OER) are, and how to go about searching them out. Check out the complete 3 Minute Teaching With Technology series! | India’s Best Education Channels Network. Open Educational Resources Overview. Learn about OER in the following concepts: – What is OER? – What OER Includes? – Learning Content – Tools – Implementation Resources – Why OER? – Advantages of OER. – Disadvantages of OER. – Different Types of OER. (Subject Specific OER & Multidisciplinary OER) – Identify OER. –...

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