Are online degrees real degrees? In what ways are online degrees different from one another and also different from traditional degrees? What demonstrable skills does the holder of an online degree posses? Are there safeguards in place to prevent students from enrolling in schools that are merely diploma mills? All these questions and more will be explored in this program.

On this installment of “Educational Forum” host Kurt Olson, a Professor of Law at the Massachusetts School of Law, sits down with three figures who are leading innovators and authors in the field of educational delivery. They are Jon Paul Potts, Communications Manager for MIT’s OpenCourseWare initiative; Ed Klonoski, Executive Director of the Connecticut Distance Learning Cosortium; and Todd Oppenheimer, Author of “The Flickering Mind: The False Promise of Technology in the Classroom and How Learning Can Be Saved”

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The Massachusetts School of Law at Andover
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Distance learning has been an alternative way of continuing educational learning at one’s own pace when physical presence in school in not possible due to either work or other unavoidable activities. This method has both its merit and demerit in achieving one’s goal and fulfilment in career.