Technology has changed the way we live and needless to say it has changed the way we learn as well. E-learning or online learning is the newest form of using technology in education. How exactly is E-learning changing the way students learn? Is the education space in India getting ready for a digital era? More importantly, keeping aside all the benefits of this new age learning, what are some of the challenges that a country like ours might face while adapting to this? On this episode of Heads Up, we hear from industry experts about the growing popularity and the future for E-learning in India.

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Storytelling In Elearning - Part 1: Educational Technology

Learn my instructional design cycle and the reality you face when integrating storytelling into your elearning! I have you questioning whether storytelling in elearning is even needed.


How are you squeezing Storytelling into your elearning development cycle?

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“There are two things that we kind of consider in the realm of entertainment, which I would typically characterize as storytelling and play. I think both of these things are fundamentally educational technologies.” This is a quote from Will Wright, the creator of the SIMS video game. I assume, you are here today because you agree with Will. That storytelling and play are fundamentally “educational technologies” What we want is for stories to serve a learning purpose. Not an entertainment purpose.


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