In the past 100 years, the world has witnessed a startling amount of change—everything from mass industrialization and globalization to space flight and longer life expectancies. Experts are now predicting society will witness a comparable amount of change within the next two decades. In this fast-paced, informative, and entertaining presentation, renowned global futurist Jack Uldrich will provide an insightful overview of how a number of technological trends—information technology, mobile web communications, massive open online courses (MOOCs), social networking, artificial intelligence, wearable technology, business analytics (“Big Data”), the “Internet of Things,” and gaming dynamics—are fueling significant change within the field of higher education. Jack will then share a number of “unlearning” strategies higher education professionals and leaders can employ today to not only prepare their institutions, organizations, and communities for tomorrow’s change, but also seize the opportunity to create a better and brighter future for their students, their institutions and themselves.

Speaker: Jack Uldrich
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