In my first two years of medical school, I found that having a good system of note taking is essential for a medical school student. During my first year as a medical school student I got a chance to try out different techniques of taking notes, and in this video I share best note-taking method that worked for me.

1. Find your crew (study group): this is probably the hardest and the most important part. Considering the volume of notes you need to take in medical school, it’s probably best if you have 2-3 other people working with you. Make sure you can trust them- make sure everyone has the same general idea of what’s important and what’s not. Before the start of the week, divide up the lectures equally and type up the general outline notes BEFORE class. This way, you can print out the notes and write/draw/highlight during the lecture.

2. Preview the notes/lecture slides the day before lecture (whenever they are posted) and make an outline. I like to do a simple bullet point outline on Microsoft Word. Depending on the format of the lecture slides, I can either copy and paste important information or I have to type out the information. As you go through med school, it’ll become clear to you what needs to go into your notes vs. what doesn’t

3. Take advantage of tables and images. These are some of the best ways to condense a lot of information. You can also ANKI the tables later (check out my memorization tip video) and use it actively for test preparation.

4. Little things: decide as a group on format of your notes– I like to use narrow margins, arial font size 10. My group always labeled each DAY of lecture on the very top of the page so for example (Cardio W2D4)

5. For certain subjects, it might be helpful to study in an entirely different way:
Calculation heavy subjects: make a study sheet (example: acid base questions)
Anatomy or biochem: draw stuff out yourself

6. Be creative and find out what works for YOU and your curriculum

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