In minutes you can create and launch and even sell your own online courses under your brand. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a fully functional online course ready to offer students online. Start today for free:

In this step by step tutorial we’ll show you how to:
– Create online courses and customize your course landing page
– Upload content or create new content with our presentation tool
– Customize the look and brand of your school
– Collect payments and sell courses

Video Highlights include:
– Create your first online course (2:20)
– Import existing content into your course (3:00)
– Add quizzes, PDFs, audios, presentations, multimedia, discussions and more to your course (3:45)
– What your course looks like from a student’s perspective (4:18)
– Create presentations and record audio within Thinkific (5:19)
– Edit and customize course details, add images, and optimize your course landing page (8:50)
– What the course landing page looks like (12:00)
– Create and edit course instructor details (12:30)
– Publish your course so that it’s live (13:30)
– Customize your overall site and online school (13:50)
– Set up payment details to get paid immediately for course sales (16:56)

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Thinkific is the only all-in-one platform that let’s you easily create, market and sell online courses and related products. Independent experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers use Thinkific’s online course platform to generate passive income for themselves. Companies like Hootsuite and Wishpond use our online course software to create customer education content. Thinkific can be standalone, or integrated into any website for your own white labelled course platform.

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– And of course your excellent Help Center –
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