Phil Beadle lets you into the tricks of the trade that will help you be the best teacher you can possibly be. From the minutiae of how to manage difficult classes through to exactly what you should be looking for when you mark their work.

These tips are taken from ‘How to teach’ published by Crown House Publishing ISBN 978-184590393-0

Phil Beadle is an English teacher, a former United Kingdom Secondary Teacher of the Year in the National Teaching Awards, and a double Royal Television Society Award winning broadcaster for Channel 4’s ‘The Unteachables’ and ‘Can’t Read Can’t Write’. He writes a column called ‘On Teaching’ for Education Guardian. How to teach is his third book. His first was serialised in The Telegraph and his second has been used by Liverpool and Manchester United football clubs. He has been on Richard and Judy twice!

Presentation tips for teachers (Never give a boring lecture again!) TEDxOsaka

Garr Reynolds speaks at TEDxOsaka in 2012 on the subject of presentations in education. No More Boring Lectures! How to use presentations in a way that engages students.

Garr has written four best-selling books on presentations including Presentation Zen, an award-winning book that has been translated in 17 languages and available all over the world. Websites:
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