I have also posted a newer version of this video called “TEAMWORK Quotes” http://youtu.be/SLqDm0Cg7Sw

Feel free to use this for anything you want. I made it for a class project a few years ago, but it is great for work meetings/training etc.

You can easily make your own in Windows Movie Maker, just find some quotes you like, put them on a black background in Paint or something, save each one as an individual jpeg or gif image, and then you can use them in Movie Maker, which has standard fun transitions etc. I just found the music free online. The music is PACHABEL’S CANON

Teamwork quotes with uplifting music. Good for team building, workshops, classrooms, meetings, and seminars. No copyrights or restrictions on this original video or the music it is set to, so use as you please.
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